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Envar has been dedicate to the research and development of electroforming FMM since 2016, broke technique bottleneck in 2022. We successfully developed an ultra-thin FMM produced by electroforming Ni-Fe alloy process that can correspond to the G6 Size. Its properties (such as low coefficient of expansion (CTE), low internal stress, flatness, magnetic permeability ) and technical indicators (such as: thinning, durability, stability of size, shadow, and tensile deformation coefficient), all of which mentioned above have already reach the MP requirements of the deposition process.

◆Company Profile
  • Self-developed key equipment
    Self-developed key equipment

    From 2016, Envar has invested in the development of precision electroforming technology. The fourth-generation electroforming equipment developed through continuous improvement has been completed. We haved mastered a number of process patents and Know How can expand mass production at any time.

  • Exclusive Electroforming Potion Recipe
    Exclusive Electroforming Potion Recipe

    Through repeated material verification by the self-built formula laboratory, Inva's electroforming potion formula can not be easily replicated except that it can produce FMM with stable quality, and the source of raw materials is not controlled by any raw material supplier.

  • Complete database of production parameters
    Complete database of production parameters

    The most critical core of the electroforming process is the growth process of the metal film, the control of the electric field parameters and the matching design of the conductive substrate, which are also the core competitiveness of Invar Precision.

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