• Key material of OLED production process - 

    FMM (Fine metal mask)

    • The sequence and resolution of R/G/B were controlled by FMM in OLED production process.
    • Production Yield of OLED panel has direct correlation to CD size and accuracy of FMM.
  • Low coefficient of expansion (CTE)

    ENVAR is the only NiFe alloy material that does not require an annealing process. Under the evaporation temperature of 100 degrees, the CTE reaches 4~5, which meets the operational requirements of evaporation substrates.

  • Thinning

    It can mass produce FMM with thickness of 8 ~ 20um to meet the needs of higher resolution of OLED panels.

  • Dimensional stability

    Electroforming process FMM opening size has better stability and uniformity than etching, and there is no Shadow area in the opening on the substrate side, which greatly reduces the phenomenon of color mixing and film halo during evaporation.

  • Excellent elastic constant (K value)

    The K value is a key indicator of the tensile deformation of FMM. Envar's FMM tensile deformation is close to the current calendered INVAR, which meets the requirements of stretching accuracy when opening the net.

  • Low internal stress / Good flatness

    Envar’s FMM has lower stress, therefore, FMM has better flatness before and after tension process.

  • Good magnetic permeability

    The OLED evaporation process uses the electromagnet on the top to attach the TFT glass substrate and the FMM tightly and flatly to ensure that the organic light-emitting body will not accumulate between the two and cause defects.

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